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Pivotous | Developing Social Excellence

We Help Entrepreneurs Build Their Dreams Our Mission For 2019- To Change 1 Million Lives... How will we do this? Through education, social support, and pig-headed determination!We are going to share with you how to be better communicators, introduce you to systems and | Pivotous

LinkedIn Secrets- Blueprint For Success

Immerse yourself in your success plan. We'll share the right programs, tricks and plans to gaining success by doing something you love. Success means money, by the way.


Pivotous' (LinkedIn Secrets) Social Directory- COLLABORATE!

Please reach-out and connect with one another. Support each others growth and successes. Share your thoughts and experiences with the group and learn together!


Chrissy Larsen- Founder/CEO of Pivotous Collective

If you want to be the best at your craft you must learn it and then teach it to others. This will allow you to continue to grow and learn from your students. The power of many is an unstoppable force!


Tools And Resources We Use

These are the tools and resources we use and suggest you use to take full advantage of the LinkedIn Secrets System. Join Today to learn how to use them in perfect synergy with one-another!

Pivotous Collective

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Google Chrome Extensions You Will Want To Use!

These are the top google extensions that will save you time and money. We highly suggest downloading these handy tools and resources!